About ICAM

International Cult Awareness Month (ICAM) is when communities come together to highlight the dangers and realities of cultic practices. We hope to provide support for those affected. Every August, ICAM aims to educate the public about cults and their harmful impacts.

The Freedom Train Project Incorporated (FTP) established ICAM in 2022. FTP is an organization that educates and provides victim services to victims of cults and coercive control. ICAM has quickly become a significant event in many communities worldwide. Over the course of the month’s 31 days, we present a rich array of events and resources. This site supports those affected by cults and those wishing to learn more about the dangers they present.

The Freedom Train Project Incorporated and other organizations and communities release helpful content. This content includes webinars, workshops, informational sessions, and support groups—to increase public awareness and understanding. These programs discuss the psychological manipulation techniques cults use. They also discuss signs that someone you know may be involved in a cult and resources for help and recovery.

ICAM seeks to expose the covert operations of cults, equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and resources to combat and prevent cultic manipulation. The month-long observance hopes to empower individuals, families, and communities to stand against cults through open dialogue, shared stories, educational resources, and emotional support.

International Cult Awareness Month’s ultimate goal is to raise awareness of cults’ pervasive and insidious nature and give hope to those affected. It is a message to those entangled in these harmful practices that they are not alone, that support is available, and that they have the strength to reclaim their lives.