About ICAM

There is a distinct lack of general public knowledge and education about cults and how one gets pulled into a cult. As a result, it is common to find people blithely stating uneducated and uninformed statements that are harmful to survivors. Our mission is to reduce the stigma around people who have survived cults or active victims of cults, raise awareness of cult-like groups to prevent future victims, and provide resources for people on how to safely leave.

This initiative is sponsored by The Freedom Train Project Incorporated, a 501(c)(3) victim assistance outreach service in California, which serves as a steward to the mission of ICAM. If you would like to donate to help victims of cults escape, please visit our donation page on Network for Good.

International Cult Awareness Month shall be observed in August each year. This month was initially selected as a month with fewer established initiatives, and also as an acknowledgment of the many people harmed by NXIVM survivors, once required to celebrate their “vanguard” every August, now can celebrate freedom from coercive control, trafficking, and violence.

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